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Welcome to EVCS! Creating a positive and safe learning environment is key to student and school success—a responsibility shared by students, parents, staff and administration.

Welcome, EVCS Families

Welcome to Elmwood Village Charter Schools and all of the possibilities that a new school year holds. It is our sincerest hope that every member of our EVCS family feels a sense of belonging, significance, and fun in our close-knit school community. There are many opportunities to become involved at EVCS, and  we invite you to join your campus parent-teacher organization, called the Community Association, or CA. Your involvement and participation enriches school life for all students, and helps us form strong bonds with one another. Thank you for partnering with us to provide your child with the very best educational experience. The following is a quick list for your ease of reference.

2022-2023 Action Items:

Please sign and return within a week of the first day of school (or, for later acceptances, within a week of accepting a seat): 

Review the EVCS Code of Conduct. Then, sign and return 2022-2023 Code of Conduct Signature Page. Due date: September 8th, 2022.

Complete the 2022-2023 Income Eligibility Form_(English) or 2022-2023 Income Eligibility Form_(Spanish) and return it to school. Due date: September 8th, 2021.

Download the 2022-2023 Transportation Application and return as soon as possible.

Please return the 2022-2023 Transportation Application as soon as possible: if your child needs bussing in 2022-2023; if your child has not had bussing before; if there are any changes to your bus routine. It takes time for the BPS Transportation Office to make changes, so please fill out the form as soon as you know about an upcoming move or any other change to your child’s transportation routine.

Resources for your reference, A to Z:

Calendar – EVCS: http://www.evcsbuffalo.org/calendar/

Changes of Address and Contact Information: Please communicate address and phone changes as soon as they are known, to the office manager at your campus (contacts are below).

Communications: will be sent from a messaging service via email and text. Please make sure your carrier is allowing short code messages from 99538 and your settings allow SMS and MMS messages. With very few exceptions, an email message will always accompany a text message.

Complaints & Freedom of Information Requestshttps://www.evcsbuffalo.org/about-elmwood-village-charter-schools/

Food Distribution Resources:

Child Care Resources in WNY: https://wnychildren.org/

Health Guidelines – EVCS: https://www.evcsbuffalo.org/for-parents-and-students/school-nurse-health-screenings

Please note: If your child requires medication during the school day (prescription or over-the-counter), medication orders are required for each new school year.

Links: Quick Information Guide 21-22 – links and QR codes.

Safety and Security: Visit: http://www.evcsbuffalo.org/for-parents-and-students/security-safety/

Social Media – EVCS:

School Spirit:

EVCS’s school creed is here: https://bit.ly/EVCSCreed

EVCS’s school song is here: https://bit.ly/EVCSSchoolSong

EVCS’s school song lyrics are here: https://bit.ly/EVCSSongLyrics

Pounce the Panther is EVCS’s mascot. See Pounce in action here: http://www.evcsbuffalo.org/2022/04/pounce-leads-the-way/.

Supplies and Support:

If you find yourself in need of support, please do not hesitate to reach out to your campus’ Student Life Coordinator, who will handle your concerns confidentially and with care.  

Swag: A wide selection of beautiful EVCS-logo merchandise is available during our semi-annual sales. Watch announcements for dates.

Tech Guide for Families: click here.

Technology Requests (EVCS Chromebook needs and repairs): http://bit.ly/EVCSTech21

Visitor Policy: Our current visitor policy can be read here: EVCS Visitor Policy_for 2022-23.

2021-22 Parent Handbook (see links this page)

Who’s Who at EVCS Contact List:

22-23 Who’s Who at Hertel

22-23 Who’s Who at Days Park

For general inquiries, please contact your campus Office Manager, who can direct you to the appropriate contact:

Learn about our 2020 Reopening Discussions.The 2020-2021 EVCS Reopening Plan was created with the safety of our community members in mind, first and foremost.

The EVCS Parent Handbook

Parents can download the Elmwood Village Charter Schools Parent Handbook below, which provides you with important information about EVCS’s policies, procedures, and culture.

    • EVCS HERTEL Parent Handbook: coming soon!
    • EVCS DAYS PARK Parent Handbook: coming soon!

Class Placements and EVCS Curriculum Opt-Out Policy

Class Placements

It is the policy of the EVCS Board of Trustees that parents cannot request specific teachers for their child(ren).  EVCS staff thoughtfully places each child in a class with the intention to maximize academic and social growth.   The school will notify you of your child’s placement no later than one week prior to the start of school.

Curriculum Opt-Out Policy

Parents can download the Curriculum Opt Out Policy here.

The EVCS Student Code of Conduct

We ask that parents and students at Elmwood Village Charter Schools read our Student Code of Conduct, and work together to adhere to its standards.

The EVCS Student Dress Code

Students should dress comfortably, modestly, and appropriately for school, in a manner that should not distract themselves or others from instruction.

  • Sneakers may be worn, but for student safety heelys and flip-flops are not permitted.
  • Hats and head coverings are not permitted to be worn in the building unless for religious observance.
  • Students should wear loose fitting clothes and sneakers on days when physical education or dance classes are scheduled.
  • Students are not permitted to wear dangling jewelry on days when they have scheduled physical education and dance classes.

Bullying and Harassment Reporting

Bullying is characterized by an imbalance of power between two students. If two students are equally engaged in an altercation, this is not a bullying situation, but instead considered a “conflict” between the two students. When an imbalance of power is present, it can be seen in small ways over a long period of time or in a large way all at one time.

Examples of a large incident is much easier to see, recognize, and address. The person who is doing the bullying has been vocal and physical to the bullying victim. He/she might threaten the other student with bodily or psychological harm and finds ways to fulfill the threat. The victim has no means of escape or is unable to fight back and is physically or emotionally harmed. Anyone who witnesses such events should report it immediately to administration. The online reporting form can also be used for this purpose.

Examples of bullying over long periods of time are much more difficult to detect and protect the student. It could include name calling, making the student the focus of jokes, cyberbullying, constantly bumping into the student, taking personal belongings of the student, threaten to harm if they tell, etc. In this situation the student victim often is quiet, tries not to make trouble, and feels he/she can handle the problem on their own. The wall of silence is represented by the student not telling any adults, and peers not stopping the bullying or telling an adult. Adults in the area may not even notice the bullying going on.

That is why we have the online reporting form. No one need know you have reported what you have seen or are experiencing. If you are a student, parent, or ANYONE who is aware of someone being bullied (it could be you), click on the link below to let the school know what is going on.


Bullying and Harassment Reporting Form

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