About Elmwood Village Charter School

Today, EVCS is a vibrant school community that is currently meeting the academic and social needs of 400 students in the city of Buffalo. But Elmwood Village Charter School began as one parent’s vision of a small community school that would address the individual learning needs of its students.

That parent, Liz Evans, assembled a group of educational experts that included veteran teachers, university professors, behavioral experts, and school administrators. Together they used the best available educational research to design a school that would provide students with a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

  • Through a combination of strong academics, a focus on social emotional learning and arts integration, EVCS has consistently been among the highest performing schools in Western New York.
  • EVCS emphasizes social responsibility, arts integration, multiculturalism, and community alliances. The school operates with the belief that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum, and children must meet with social success before they can achieve high levels of academic success. Our students are experiencing this success in an intimate, peaceful, and diverse school community that appreciates different learning styles.
  • At Elmwood Village Charter School, students know that they are valued and respected, and each one of them can contribute to school life.

About Our Facility

In September 2012, the Elmwood Village Charter School moved into historic 40 Days Park. Now, EVCS is set to expand with the opening of a new campus on Hertel Avenue in September 2017.

What is a Charter School?

Learn more about what charter schools are, and how they function alongside Buffalo Public Schools.

Meet Our Founders

Six people envisioned an urban Buffalo school that was inclusive, diverse, and enabled all of its students reach a high level of achievement, integrating art, music, foreign language, dance and physical education.

Our School Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team that drives Elmwood Village Charter School to excellence on behalf of our wonderful students, each and every day.

Our Board of Trustees

Elmwood Village Charter School is proud to have an incredible independent board of trustees to help guide our organization.

Annual Reports & Accountability

Elmwood Village Charter School believes in and adheres to the standards of transparency mandated for educational institutions in the State of New York.

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