What Is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools that are, by definition, independent organizations. They are granted a charter to operate as a school by one of three entities: the Board of Regents, the SUNY Trustees, or a local school district.

All programs and policies for a charter school are defined in the school’s charter documents. Charter schools are run by either management companies or by independent Boards of Trustees, and are legally bound to operate in a fiscally and ethically responsible manner in accordance with their charters.

NYSED Charter School Office

The mission of the New York State Education Department Charter School Office is to create and sustain excellent educational options for students throughout New York State.

Learn more at NYSED.gov.

SUNY Charter Schools Institute

The Charter Schools Institute was created by the SUNY Trustees in 1999 to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities under the Charter Schools Act. It is committed to the creation and operation of highly successful charter schools throughout New York State.

Learn more at NewYorkCharters.org.

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