Position: School Principal
Status: Full Time Exempt
Duration: 12 Month Employee
Location: Days Park Campus
Reports to: Director of Schools
Salary: The expected compensation for this position is $100,000-$115,000.00 annually.
Salary is commensurate with experience.

Introduction to EVCS
Elmwood Village Charter Schools is looking for a servant leader to join our shared leadership
team and school community as Principal of our Days Park Campus. EVCS leaders bring
dedication, passion and most importantly understand that relationships are at the center of
everything we do. Specifically, we are looking for someone who is passionate about urban
education, social-emotional learning, diversity, and encouraging a school culture where
everyone is welcome and relationships are fostered. The Principal is the key culture leader and
sets the tone for a positive and supportive school community.

Who we are:
● We are passionate about social-emotional learning and believe it is as important as the
academic curriculum, and children must meet with social success before they can
achieve high levels of academic success.
● We have a strong belief in social justice and believe that every voice matters. Our leaders
are committed to preparing students to be critical thinkers who use their voices for
active civic engagement.
● The EVCS community values relationships with our staff, students and families.
● We put students first – all decisions are made around what is best for students.
● We act with urgency – we set a plan of action with urgency in response to student
outcomes and needs.
● We always seek to be better – we believe seeking feedback and professional growth
directly impacts students’ growth.
● We work as a team – we collaborate to achieve shared goals.

The Opportunity
Elmwood Village Charter Schools is looking for a servant leader to join our school community as
Principal of our Days Park Campus. We are seeking a Principal with an asset-based mindset who
is passionate about urban education, rigorous academics, social-emotional learning, diversity,
and inclusion. The Principal is the key culture leader and sets the tone for a positive and
supportive school environment.

Job Description:
The Principal works with the Shared Leadership Team and other key employees to perform these
primary job duties:

School Culture
● Creates and oversees a School culture that fosters a student-centered approach to
teaching, a love of learning, and exemplifies EVCS’s commitment to diversity, equity, and
● Is the face of the School and is visible and accessible to all stakeholders
● Cultivates and inspires a culture of collaboration, trust, learning, and respect
● Builds strong relationships with all stakeholders to promote student success
● Ensures fidelity to the Responsive Classroom approach school-wide
● Creates and maintains a welcoming, positive, and inviting learning environment
● Oversees and ensures strong systems that support a calm and orderly school
● Upholds the EVCS Code of Conduct and implements student disciplinary procedures
with fairness and equity

Human Resources Management
● Fosters a positive working environment where each employee is motivated to perform
at high levels
● Demonstrates a commitment to EVCS’ hiring practices that are equitable, inclusive, and
representative of our diverse school community and participates in the process of
selecting qualified mission-aligned faculty and staff
● Develops and implements systems to hold staff to high expectations, and supports
practices that contribute to retention of high quality school-based employees
● Supervises school-based employees and performs annual school based evaluations
● Understands, implements, and enforces the organization’s employee discipline model
with fidelity, equity, and fairness
● Delegates appropriate responsibilities to the Assistant Principal and Main Office Staff
Instructional Leadership
Although the Director of Curriculum and Instruction is the Key Instructional Leader across both
campuses, the Principal provides input, supervises the quality of instruction, provides
evaluative feedback, conducts evaluations, and ensures that the instructional program is
implemented with fidelity at a high level.
● Models and communicates a shared vision and mission for student success
● Communicates and monitors progress towards goals that result in measurable progress
for all students
● Provides ongoing direct evaluation feedback to maximize student success
● Supervises instruction and ensures fidelity to the school’s instructional programs
● Reviews student achievement data and participates in data meetings
● Supports and participates in high-quality professional development opportunities for
school-based employees
● Communicates regularly with Instructional Coaches to monitor classroom instruction
and student progress

Organizational Management
● Participates in all tactical meetings and some strategic meetings with the Shared
Leadership Team
● Contributes necessary information to those responsible for data collection and
● Participates in weekly planning and coaching meetings with the Director of Schools
● Acts as a responsible steward of the organization’s fiscal resources
● Collaborates and communicates with the Operations department to ensure that school
safety plans are implemented with fidelity and that the school facility is safe, secure,
and in working order on a daily basis
● Adheres to school safety plans with fidelity and acts as the incident commander in an
● Demonstrates proactive building-level decision making and efficient operation of the
school at all times, and identifies a designee when appropriate
● Follows federal and state legal guidelines and regulations as they relate to school

Communication and Community Relations
● Communicates school-based information to all stakeholders through multiple channels
in a timely fashion
● Collaborates with stakeholder groups for input and feedback
● Collaborates with community organizations to locate resources and promote positive
relationships within the larger community
● Coordinates opportunities for family involvement in school life and facilitates the
organization of school-wide events
● Collaborates closely with the Community Association (CA) and attends CA meetings or
arranges for a designee to attend meetings
● Ensures administrative presence is visible, available, and provided at all times for the
● Responds to emails and phone calls in a timely manner
● Makes school-based decisions that support the mission and vision of EVCS
● Assumes responsibility and takes initiative to support the mission of EVCS
● Possesses a growth mindset to improve personal and professional skills
● Listens thoughtfully and responds constructively to feedback
● Communicates effectively and professionally in speaking and writing
● Is ethical, punctual, and reliable; maintains professionalism at all times

What We Look For
We want someone who:
● Has commitment to the Mission and Core Values of Elmwood Village Charter School
● Has commitment to continuous improvement and development
● The ability to work with students in grades K-8 in a nurturing school environment
● Strong oral and written communication skills
● A passion and commitment for social justice
● Is able to build interpersonal relationships with diverse audiences
● Maintains a positive attitude, even in the face of pressure
● Is a team player and open to receiving feedback
● Thrives in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, and is flexible
● Is solutions-oriented and completes tasks and projects effectively and in a timely
● Takes initiative, prioritizes tasks effectively, and can work independently with little
● Maintains confidentiality and exercises discretion in the dissemination of information
● Has strong organizational, problem-solving and data-gathering skills
● The successful candidate will have a proven track record of success in school leadership,
as well as a commitment to the Responsive Classroom model of social and emotional
● Masters Degree in Education, Educational Leadership, or similar degree
● Minimum of 5 years of successful teaching experience; minimum of 3 years leadership
experience (school based leadership experience preferred)
● NYS certification as a school district administrator or school building leader (or
comparable experience)
● Passionate about urban education and a belief that all students deserve an excellent
education regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or zip code.
● An adept problem-solver with a demonstrated ability to think critically, plan strategically,
as well as research and perform detailed data analysis
● Strong ability to build relationships with a variety of stakeholder groups
● Skilled in written and oral communication to diverse audiences and facilitating
decision-making among multiple parties
● Ability to provide high leverage feedback via classroom observations and school

Join Our Team
To apply to this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter on Elmwood Village
Charter Schools Website: http://www.evcsbuffalo.org/careers/

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