Security & Safety

The safety and security of our children is our highest priority. Learn more about our onsite security precautions and our official safety and emergency plan.

Building Security at EVCS

For the safety of our children, the facility remains locked during the school day, and a security camera monitors the front entrance. All visitors, parents and guardians must be buzzed into the building, at which time they may be asked to give their name and the name of their child. Everyone entering the building must use the main entrance and sign in at the main office.

If there are special issues regarding non-custodial parents, please make sure that all necessary paperwork is on file with school personnel.

EVCS Visitor Policy 2022-2023

The EVCS Safety & Emergency Operations Plan

In accordance with state law, the EVCS Safety & Emergency Operations Plan details how the school district will operate during critical incidents affecting students, faculty, staff or facilities. It is designed to provide guidance for personnel who discover or are notified of any emergency situation. The plan also aids in the resolution of the events by structuring levels of potential responses, each designed to address a corresponding level of threat.

2022-2023 District Safety Plan

2022-23 District Safety Plan

Parents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy & Security

The purpose of the Parents’ Bill of Rights is to inform parents and guardians of the legal requirements regarding privacy, security, and the use of student data.

Parents' Bill of Rights

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