Graduation 2020

During my time at EVCS, I have learned so much. My academics have improved but more importantly the lessons I have learned at EVCS have made me a better person. These are skills I will continue to use as I move through different phases and transitions in my life. I actually wrote them in a list to look back on in case I ever lose my way.

So here is the official list of the things I have learned from being at EVCS:

How to interact with people from all different backgrounds and include people that are struggling to find their place.

How to make friends.

How to ask for help and also how to give help to others.

How to believe in myself and to see my mistakes as learning opportunities.

How grit and determination are key to achieving my goals.

How to be a good team player and to give my input while also listening to what others have to say.

How to be an upstander and that it’s important to speak up when you think something is not right.

How to think before I act.

How to be kind and treat others the way that I would want to be treated.

How to show empathy and put myself in somebody else’s shoes.

How to find the good in people.

How to forgive others even if it isn’t easy for me to do so.

How to give constructive feedback to others and to not be offended when others give it to me.

How if I don’t have something nice to say it is better to not say anything at all.

Last but not least how to be part of a community that perseveres when things get hard and that picks one another up instead of knocking each other down.

I know these lessons will stay with me always and continue to steer me in the right direction.

Class of 2020 remember that you have the skills to accomplish your goals. I know we will all go on to accomplish many great things because of our time at EVCS.

– Speech by Max Wechsler, EVCS Class of 2020


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